Born in Tottori in 1913, Shoji Ueda haunts japanese photography with his series of family portraits. 
I travel for my first trip in Japan during spring 2023. Staying in Kyoto I just had the opportunity of two short breaks in Fuji and Tottori, where I was expecting to visit Shoji Ueda museum. 
Things were made possible thanks to Ton-biii, artist living in Marugame. The artist drove me the museum we visit together. Next day, I walked alone to Sand Dunes where Shoji Ueda used to shoot his famous photographs.

Walking down then climbing up the dunes, I got in touch with japanese tourists visiting the site. In that so dizzy decor, I was surprised to hear that none of those I discussed with did know Shoji Ueda, neither his photographs, nor his museum.

She sees the sea is a tribute to the master built as a multimedia looping installation

A 2' lenght timelapse, shot in black and grey at the top of Sand Dunes - refering to the original place and style of Shoji Ueda -, loops all night long from sunset to sunrise. The projection goes with a looping sound mixing the voice of Tombiii pronouncing "she sees the sea" over a looping melody.

for this preview, the melody is sampled from the song "happy end" played on piano by Ryuichi Sakamoto.